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Hello Fellow Students,


We are the elected members of the Law Students’ Association, and we are committed to making the student experience at the U of A law school as rewarding and fulfilling as the educational experience in the classroom. While it’s the professors’ job to craft you into the lawyer you will soon be through readings, papers and exams, it’s our job to ensure that you achieve balance in your lives through social events, sports teams and readily available CANS to supplement your class notes. Beyond that, we strive to provide any kind of support that the students are looking for. If you have a question about anything, from what a professor’s exams look like, to which restaurant in town to take a date, feel free to ask anyone in the executive and we will strive to help you out.

Make no mistake, Law school is difficult. It will test you in ways that you have never experienced or expected, but throughout all of these stresses you will learn valuable lessons about yourself and grow as a person. I guarantee you that if you stop for long enough to let yourself enjoy it, Law School be the best time of your life, and we hope that the LSA can play some part in that enjoyment.

Welcome again to the U of A Faculty of Law. We’re going to have a fantastic year together.


Nick Todd


President- Law Students’ Association.


LSA office hours 12-1 pm every weekday!


Don’t hesitate to voice your comments, ideas, or concerns to your LSA executives.