Welcome To The Law Students’ Association!


Hello and welcome,

We are the Law Students’ Association (LSA) at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. Our mandate is to represent you, the students, here within the Faculty of Law and the broader University of Alberta Community.

Many hats are worn by our executive but our jobs all boil down to making your law school experience a little easier, a little more comfortable, and hopefully a little more fun. We try to do this through providing ample opportunities to meet socially outside of class with your colleagues, providing access to intramural teams, and providing academic resources such as CANs (Condensed Annotated Notes) to complement your studies.

As a Faculty, we pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind collegial setting within the intense and demanding atmosphere of law school. It is the LSA’s job to develop and foster that community over the course of the year. As your elected officials we want to encourage open communication where all students can feel welcome to bring any questions, concerns or problems to our attention. In turn, we promise that all inquiries are dealt with respectfully and constructively. There is no problem too big or too small that we can’t hopefully play some part in solving. We have office hours every weekday from 12-1pm if you’d like to drop in and chat. Every Tuesday from 12-1pm we have the President’s office hours if you have any questions or inquiries directly for me.

The demands of law school will challenge you to your very core but, in doing so, the growth and development that you experience through the process, both personally and professionally, is going to be remarkable. The LSA seeks not only to assist you in your academic endeavors but also to make sure that these three years are some of the most meaningful three years of your lives. As a large majority of our graduates will admit, what was predicted to be three lonely years in the library turned out to be three years of incredible friendships, fulfillment, and happiness (still mostly in the library).

To our outgoing 3Ls, you did it! If you’re back on this website you’re either reminiscing (I miss you too) or you’re looking for a CAN for a memo due in four hours. Either way, I’m glad you’re here and I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish with your careers. To our returning students, I hope you’ve had an excellent summer away from the Faculty and take the opportunity to take on the new year with renewed vigour. Last, but certainly not least, for our incoming first-year class, let me be the first to say welcome to your new home. We can’t wait to have you all join our community. Should be fun!

Again, if you have any questions, concerns or issues please stop by the LSA Office (Room 157 in the Law Centre) or contact me directly at lsapres@ualberta.ca to chat.

Peace and love,

Tunahan (Tuna) Uygun

LSA President