Welcome To The Law Students’ Association!

Hello Fellow Students,

We are the Law Students’ Association at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. We are elected to represent you, the students, here within the Faculty and the broader University of Alberta community.

Our job as your executive is to ensure your law school experience is as full, rich, and smooth as a cup of Hello My Friend Café coffee. Whether it be providing you with the opportunity to meet socially outside of class with colleagues, access to intramural teams, or providing academic resources such as CANs (Condensed Annotated Notes) to supplement your studies.

Our goal as your LSA is to develop and foster a community within the Faculty. We pride ourselves as a Faculty on our collegial setting within the intense and demanding atmosphere of law school. As your elected officials we want to encourage open communication where all students feel welcome to bring any concerns, questions, or interests to our attention.

The workload and the problems you will face over your time here will push you to heights you never believed you were capable of reaching. The LSA seeks to not only assist you in your academic endeavours, but to ensure that during this period, you enjoy your time here at the U of A Faculty of Law.

To our outgoing 3Ls, all the best in your endeavours as you go on to accomplish bigger and better things. To our returning students, enjoy a well-earned summer holiday away from the Faculty and take the opportunity to regroup and approach the year with renewed vigour. And for the incoming first-year class, we cannot wait to meet you! This is going to be an amazing year!

If you have any concerns, question or issues please stop by the LSA Office (Room 157 in the Law Centre) or feel free to contact me by email (lsapres@ualberta.ca).


Alyssa Kim (Aly)

LSA President