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The LSA organizes social events throughout the year, funds and registers student sport teams in the UofA Intramurals, publishes an annual student directory (The Who’s Who), provides lockers and access to the student lounge (The Gavel), and maintains the database of CANs (Condensed Annotated Notes) that are provided to our members. The LSA also represents its members at external events (University or law-related), and also speak on behalf of the student body before the faculty.

Robert Marquette

Position: President



Benjamin Effa

Position: VP-General


I’m Ben Effa, your one and only VP General! I’m from the exotic, beautiful, fantastic, completely superior, amazing, wonderfilled land of Victoria BC, but now I’m apparently in Edmonton… in my position I do things and stuff, and I do other things as well.

Before law school I spent my time fighting forest fires with the BC wildfire service. It’s no big deal really, just saved a few villages and carried some baby deer through flames to safety the odd time. I won’t say I’m a hero or risked my life for others, but others definitely say that about me.

Be sure to reach out to me for anything! Need your car washed? I’m the guy! Need your paper written? I can’t say no!

Lydia Roseman

Position: VP-Finance


Dear Diary, today is my first entry so let me introduce myself. My name is Lydia. My hobbies include: ornamental spoon collecting, sudoku, and racing cars on the highway (I run alongside on the hard shoulder, I don’t have my license). I used to dream of becoming a lawyer but then I realized that I want to do something more to make a difference in the world. So, I’m pursuing my dream of designing American Girl dolls. Did you know that each doll is unique? Jasmine has brown hair and loves to go to the beach. Isabella has brown eyes and is obsessed with her new boyfriend, it’s all she ever talks about! They’re just trying to find their way in the world and I get to be a part of that, can you say ‘dream job’! Two days ago I was having tea with my doll squad, ma girls. We were chatting about spoons and I suddenly had the best idea EVER! So I’m going to roll with it, see where it takes me. Stay tuned for updates. Nighty night diary. Talk tomorrow. Xoxo Lydia.

P.s. I just found out I was selected to be VP Finance for the LSA! They don’t know about the doll thing yet so don’t say anything but wooooooooo! Ma squad is going to be pumped! I hope it’s just playing with numbers 1-9, like sudoku. I’m not very good at math. Here’s hoping!

Rosie Schlagintweit

Position: VP-External 


Rosie, or as her birth certificate identifies her, Lafonda, grew up on a hilltop in Switzerland. She decided to change her name when her boyfriend of age 12 bought her a rose: it was love at first sniff. She canoed her way to Canada when she turned 18 to pursue her dream of becoming a back up singer for Nickelback.
When Rosie is not studying you can find her playing a plethora of varsity sports including soccer, synchronised swimming and Olympic power walking.

Zubair Hussain

Position: VP-Social


Hello everyone, my name is Zubair Hussain and I am the LSA’s Pint-Sized party planner, resident bat-man enthusiast and easily the sharpest dresser of the group. I originally hail from the great city of [REDACTED], but I find myself in Edmonton due to the stringent requirements of the witness protection program. Apparently no one will think of looking for me here? Either Way, when I’m not riding my motorcycle or collecting stamps, I spend most of my time holed up in my attic gathering evidence to building up the case against the people who are coming after me. Worry not fellow students, I will remain ever vigilant and ensure that justice is done.

My favourite food is 2% milk, my favourite flower is the Angel Wing Begonia and my favourite movie is The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants.

I look forward to helping plan all your parties. This year’s gonna be LIT

Kevin Horan

Position: VP-Social


Hi, I’m Kevin Horan, and I’m your 2L VP Social! Little substantive is known about my past, although it’s reasonably certain I’m from Calgary, by way of Halifax, possibly by way of Montana.

In 1L, I was either the first to arrive at–or last to leave from–every major event. I figured I may as well have a title to go along with my record (although my record is sealed, so good luck checking into it), and now look forward to ruling with an iron fist.

Before Law School I either attended business school at Dalhousie, worked in imports/exports in a number of high-profit industries (including latex) or practiced martial arts on three continents. I have been stabbed in the back (literally) and been stitched up at a vet clinic in Spain (separate events–do and/or don’t ask). This summer I traveled to Asia. I went to some places, saw some things and did some stuff. If I somehow survived, it means I’m as good with a motorbike, sign language and acrobatics as I’d hoped.

But in all seriousness, I’m a really friendly and outgoing guy who just wants everyone to enjoy themselves as much as I did in my first year here. There is so much to get involved with and something for everyone. Feel free to ask me anything; I’ll definitely have an answer for you, and it just might even be true!

Allison Numerow

Position: VP-Services


Allison brings a wealth of poster making skills to the LSA after her time spent as a 1L rep last year. She has transitioned flawlessly into her new role as VP General and now uses these artistic abilities to fill out the monthly calendar outside the gavel.

When Allison isn’t working on her penmanship, she can be found rehearsing her many solo’s for the new musical sensation, “a cappelLAW”. The group had a major breakthrough after last years Law Show where an a cappella performance, led by Allison herself, overshadowed girls dance and earned her the nickname Numerow Uno. There’s no doubt the group will return this year to dominate the stage and that Numerow Uno will steal the show!

Katie Hagan

Position: VP-Services


My name is Katie and I am ridiculously good looking. I attended Derrick Zoolander’s ‘School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too’. I graduated with a major in Good Reading and a minor in Ridiculous Good Looks. I am currently working on my next look – watch out for it in the hallways!!

I can’t wait to apply my good reading and good looks to the position of VP Services this year!

Natasha Birchall

Position: VP-Academic


Natasha Birchall is an American singer, dancer, and actress. Her hits …Baby One More Time and Oops!… I Did it Again rocketed her to international glory. After some personal issues and one of the most controversial haircuts of all time, she signed on for a residency in Vegas at Planet Hollywood. Now when not on world tours she returns to grace the halls of the law faculty with her presence. Keep an eye out for this pop icon and Billboard’s sexiest woman in music!

Brendan Bachewich

Position: VP-Sports 


Hey everyone! My name is Brendan and I’m your VP Sports (male). My hobbies include playing rugby in a dress, cooking things with cheese, and watching the Seahawks lose. Whether you catch me playing championship caliber inter tube water polo or roaming the halls pretending to study, come by and say hi!

Kristin Smith

Position: VP-Sports 


I graduated Summe Cum Laude from the ‘Uncle Rico School for Kids Who Want to Learn to Throw a Football Good, and Do Other Things Good Too’ I learned many incredibly valuable skills there, like shoe tying skills, hopscotch skills, karate skills, and even throwing football skills as well. If it is sports related, I might be able to point you in the direction of someone much more talented than I, and I’ll be good at it!