First Year

Warning: CANs are not a substitute for your readings, please be careful when relying solely on other people’s notes for a class. Each of these CANs have been graciously donated by current and former students – the information found therein has not been verified for accuracy.

Constitutional Adams Adams Constitutional Semester 1

Adams Constitutional Semester 2

Constitutional Carver Carver Constitutional
Constitutional Lewans Lewans Constitutional Semester 1

Lewans Constitutional Semester 2

Constitutional Yahya Yahya Constitutional Semester 1

Yaha Constitutional Semester 2

Contracts McInnes McInnes Contracts
Contracts O’Byrne O’Byrne Contracts
Contracts Percy Percy Contracts Semester 1

Percy Contracts Semester 2

Criminal Bottos Bottos Criminal
Criminal Penney Penney Criminal
Criminal Sankoff Sankoff Semester 1

Sankoff Semester 2

Criminal Yahya Yayha Criminal
Foundations Yahya Yayha Foundations
Property Kaplinsky Kaplinsky Property
Property Litman Litman Property
Property Ziff Ziff Property Part 1

Ziff Property Part 2

Torts Nelson Nelson Torts Battle Can

Nelson Torts

Torts Ogbogu Ogbogu Torts Final CAN

Ogbogu Torts Midterm CAN

Torts Iyioha Iyioha Torts

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