Upper Year: Requireds

Warning: CANs are not a substitute for your readings, please be careful when relying solely on other people’s notes for a class. Each of these CANs have been graciously donated by current and former students – the information found therein has not been verified for accuracy.


Administrative Lewans Administrative Lewans
Administrative Raso Administrative Raso
Administrative Sjolie Administrative Sjolie
Civil Procedure Billingsley Civil Procedure Billingsley
Civil Procedure Lund Civil Procedure Lund
Civil Procedure Molzan Civil Procedure Molzan
Civil Procedure Not Prof-Specific Civil Procedure General
Civil Procedure Schlosser Civil Procedure Schlosser
Corporations Lund Corporations Lund
Corporations Meshel Corporations Meshel
Corporations O’Byrne Corporations O’Byrne
Corporations Stam Corporations Stam
Evidence Bullerwell Evidence Bullerwell
Evidence Hatch Evidence Hatch
Evidence Penney Evidence Penney
Evidence Royal Evidence Royal
Evidence Sankoff Evidence Sankoff
Evidence Schmidt/Stewart Evidence Schmidt/Stewart
Professional Responsibility Not Prof-Specific PR Textbook Notes

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