A large part of what the LSA does is oversee the numerous student organizations here at the University of Alberta – Faculty of Law. There are a tremendous amount of clubs and committees at work at UofA Law, and you can quite easily find one that you are passionate about. Below you’ll find a little information on most of the clubs and the contact information for their head representatives for the year.

Aboriginal Law Students Association

The Aboriginal Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is a student group within the Faculty of Law that is devoted to raising awareness on current Indigenous legal issues within Canada and internationally. Any law student is welcome to join ALSA if they are interested in engaging and taking the lead on Aboriginal legal issues within the law school environment and beyond. ALSA is also well known for its supportive role in regards to its membership. ALSA provides networking opportunities to its members by participating in the Aboriginal Alumni Mentorship program, as well as attending the annual national Indigenous Bar Association conferences. ALSA also hosts the “Aboriginal Speaker Series” event each year in the winter term for a week; whereby ALSA invites five of the most influential Aboriginal-based guest speakers to come to the Faculty of Law to discuss varying viewpoints on Aboriginal issues. The annual “Aboriginal Speaker Series” is open to the public.

Alberta Law Review

The Alberta Law Review is a scholarly legal journal, published four times annually by second and third year law students. Students can receive academic credit in their third year for their service on the editorial board of the Law Review. Subscribers include all law firms and sole legal practitioners in Alberta, as well as judges, students, academics, universities and libraries around the world. For more information please email us or visit our website.

Articling Committee

The Articling Committee is an elected body of University of Alberta law students, whose main objectives are to assist law students in their career planning and support the Career Services Office. Please visit our website access services (i.e. Articling Handbook) or contact us by email at

Canadian Bar Association

The law student section of the Canadian Bar Association’s Alberta Branch organizes a number of activities throughout the year, including guest speakers, visits to the courts and a mentor program which introduces students to members of the practicing bar in Edmonton.

Canons of Construction

The Canons of Construction newspaper is published by the Faculty of Law students. Its mandate is to inform and entertain the university legal community. We print monthly issues providing information about all aspects of the legal community, as well as a variety of other topics, including politics, pop culture, news and sports. For more information, please email the newspaper or visit our website.

Environmental Law Students’ Association

The Environmental Law Students’ Association (ELSA) aims to promote environmental awareness within the Faculty of Law. ELSA sponsors guest speakers representing diverse viewpoints on pressing environmental issues, endeavours to reduce the faculty’s ecological footprint and organizes a variety of awareness-enhancing activities for students and faculty.

Golden Bearristers Rugby Club

The Golden Bearristers  Rugby Club play games in and around Edmonton, including an annual match with the alumni team – the Olden Bearristers. To learn more, visit our website or contact the club by email.

Panda Bearristers Rugby Club

The Panda Bearristers Rugby Club promotes the participation of women in this growing, exciting sport. The atmosphere of our club is one of camaraderie and friendship among students. Our season’s highlight is the mid-October alumni game. The event is fantastic fun, fostering closer ties between current students and faculty alumni.

Law Climbing Club

The Law Climbing Club meets twice weekly (as schedules allow) to climb at the University climbing gym. It’s free for U of A students, and all skill levels are invited to participate. For more information and to find meeting times, join the facebook group.

Law and Older

Law and Older seeks to encourage and edify the older law student through education, social activities, and mutual support. Older students may feel marginalized within law school, and may be unsure of how to navigate the occasionally difficult waters of such an intense environment. Law and Older is intended to bring these students together for mutual support. Our goal is to help older law students thrive and succeed in both the larger law school community and in their own lives, both professional and personal. “Older” is not a specific age. There is no particular cut-off. The group is there for anyone who feels, either by the function of his/her age and/or by his/her own life experiences that he/she belongs in such a group.  Please email us for more information.

Law Hockey Clubs

The Litigators, Tortfeasors, and Swift Justice meet every week at Clare Drake Arena for non-contact hockey. Law students of all skill levels are invited to participate throughout the school year.

Law Show

The Law Show is an annual musical variety show organized by law students. The purpose of the law show is to take a humorous look at the law school experience and the legal profession in general. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their considerable acting, dancing, musical and vocal talent. All net proceeds raised are donated to a local charitable organization.

OUTlaw Alberta

OUTlaw Alberta is a student organization within the Faculty of Law directed at queer students and their allies. Our primary purpose is to promote a queer positive atmosphere within the Law School. We do so by providing information to current and prospective students about queer issues at the school and within the broader University and Edmonton communities, organizing social activities, developing relationships with queer positive people in the professional legal community, and by providing visibility and support for other queer students.  Keep an eye out for upcoming events and feel free to contact us at any time! For more information visit our website.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The Sports and Entertainment Law Society seeks to provide students who have an interest in sports or entertainment law with a mechanism to become involved in and acquire a greater knowledge of the issues in these fields. The society sponsors numerous activities, both intra-school and inter-school, to familiarize students with the unique type of law practiced in these very specialized fields. The Society also sponsors lectures with legal professionals from the field. The purpose of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society is to educate and inform students about the realities of practicing in the entertainment and sports law fields. We seek to provide our members with an insight into various avenues available to them as practicing attorneys, whether that is representation of entertainment and sports figures and entities, practicing in a law firm with an entertainment or sports division, or work within a major sporting league.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton and area understand their legal issues and solve their legal problems. For the last 40 years student volunteers from the Faculty of Law have provided free legal information and agency in the courts to those who would otherwise be unable to afford these services. Please visit our website to find out more information.

Vin Ordinaire

Vin Ordinaire is an informal wine tasting club for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts of all levels. The club convenes two times annually to learn about and taste fine wines from around the world.

Women’s Law Forum / NAWL

The Women’s Law Forum (WLF) is the University of Alberta’s National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) caucus. It is a feminist organization whose purpose is to promote the position of women in society and raise awareness of issues relating to women and the law. For more information please email the WLF.

LSA Mental Health and Wellness Commitee

The LSA Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHW) is a new initiative to the Faculty of Law. Our goal is to improve students’ quality of life by reducing stress and raising awareness of key issues that affect mental health. We are holding events at the law center to help students stay motivated, nutritious, and physically well! This year, students can look forward to stand-up comedy nights, free yoga classes, meditation seminars, massage sessions, nutrition week and a mental health rally! We are looking for new members this year to get involved in these fantastic events so stay tuned for more on how to join! Feel free to contact Co-Chairs Winta Asefaw (3L) at and/or Sasha Lallouz (2L) at with any questions. Also, check out our Facebook Page at